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Mases HagopianDecember 12th, 2011 by Mases Hagopian

A YouTuber by the name of vapidbobcat has recently posted a video of his Top 10 favorite musical tracks from Skyward Sword. After playing through Skyward Sword four times, I do think that Skyward Sword has one excellent soundtrack. However, I’m not sure if any of the individual tracks really stand out as being amongst the best in the series. At least not yet. Themes such as the Dark World from A Link to the Past, Stone Tower Temple from Majora’s Mask, or Dragon Roost Island from The Wind Waker were among the greatest tracks in the series’ history. I don’t think it’s clear as to which Skyward Sword tracks will be joining that elite listing. Jump inside to see the listing and to take a listen to this users personal Top 10 list.

10. Ancient Cistern
9. Earth Temple
8. Eldin Volcano
7. Koloktos (Phase 1)
6. Ancient Harbor
5. Song of the Hero
4. Skyview Temple
3. Fire Sanctuary
2. Miniboss (Variation 1)
1. Faron Woods

I don’t really agree with many of the tracks and the order they are listed in… but hey, this is a personal Top 10 listing. In particular I thought the Skyview Temple and Fire Sanctuary, while both terrific songs in their own respect, are not amongst the best tracks in the game. The Miniboss theme was great… but just seemed way too high on this listing. Lastly, the Song of the Hero was one of the most disappointing tracks in my opinion. Considering it was such an essential part of the quest, I was expecting a lot from it when first hearing it… but it just didn’t connect with me at all. In fact, I was legitimately disappointed with how that song turned out.

I did like the inclusion of the Koloktos boss battle theme as it really was one heck of a mood setter to an amazing boss battle. There was a lot missing from this list and I cannot even begin to think which songs I’d put on my personal Top 10 listing. One song that became memorable to me the first time I heard it was the Isle of Songs theme. Not sure where that would fit on my listing… but in general, I think it’s too early for me to establish a listing of my own. We’ll see how the music of Skyward Sword does in the test of time.

So what tracks are your favorites? What would your own Top 10 listing look like? Be sure to post your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Blast Mask

    This might be a bit off topic but Skyward Sword has finally arisen here in Brazil and I was the first to get it!!! OMG the bundle is so awesome!!! yessssssssss :D

  • JcLee

    Message from the Goddess is the best one I think. (Not Ballad of the Goddess, but they are similar). Isle of Songs is amazing and the Moldarach/Kolotkos battle theme is epic.

  • GreenLinkLego

    I really like the forest theme. It gets stuck in my head all the time.

    • LinkFan

      Love that one, I go there just to listen to the music

  • Mike

    My favorite (and I can't believe it's not on here) is the music that plays in the Bazaar/Tent in Skyloft. I love how it changes slightly when you go to each section, its the same song played with different instruments… and the best one is when you go over to the upgrade guy!!

  • JoeMamaSama

    Ballad of the goddess and fi's theme

  • bradley

    Where is Ballad of the Goddess?

  • Ghost Host

    I thought that the Zelda and Link Romance theme was wonderful. The music from the introduction of Skyward Sword was some of the best in the whole series.

  • Madio

    Lanayru Mining Facility!

    Seriously though, I LOVE SS, but in the music department, TP blows it way away.

  • Nexus523

    For me music wise, it goes OoT>MM>TP>WW>SS. Not a single song from SS was stuck in my head after a marathon session.

  • Mutoh

    1.Crimson Loftwing (my friend took my game and I was so sad I listened to this song on Youtube until he gave it back)
    2.ANY GROOSE THEME (hes my fav character now)
    3.Sealed Grounds (it sounds calm at first, but after I went against The Imprisoned that theme has creeped me out)
    4.Mogma Theme! (I love jazz, duh)
    5.Girahim Theme (it's so… evil, oh and Girahim and Theme rhyme)
    Were the good songs only at the beginning?

  • Alexius

    Where is?
    – Fi theme?
    – Lanayru Mining Fafilicy Past-Version?
    – Grirahim theme?

    I think there are a lot of themes in this game that are definately among the best of the series!

  • SomeGuy

    SS is great, but TP's soundtrack was just…wow….The main themes for both games are awesome, but TP beats it by just a little bit, managing to create that adventerous feel, without having to sound too distant and fantasy like. I am however kinda dissappointed that there was never an actual Zelda's lullaby played in SS. I know that it is way before OOt and the Ballad is the lullaby in reverse, but without it present, it just feels kinda..empty in a way. I didn't even hear it in the staff credits…;(

    • SomeGuy

      Never mind, I finally got to the part where it plays in the game.I finally feel happy!

  • TheMaverickk

    I think Groose's theme will eventually start making it onto peoples lists eventually…. I know the first time I heard it I was a bit off put, it sounded silly, but then,…. well it grew on me as the game progressed and the theme got integrated into things like the Imprisoned boss battles and so forth.

    Fi's theme is a little less interesting I think, suiting, but less memorable. Ghirahim's theme is just wow to me… I won't forget it ever. I've been humming the Demise boss battle theme quite a bit as well.

    Faron Forest's theme is quite unique as well. Anyhow yes these things just take time as people play the games more and more.

  • Mercury

    Hmmm, a bit messed up list to me. They've chosen very common tracks as well, while SS definitely has some pearls shining in its most uncommon parts:

    Mine would probably be something like that:

    10. Faih's theme
    9. Final Ghirahim battle
    8. Ghirahim's theme
    7. Dramatic Descent (the one playing before you reach Ghirahim the last time at Sealed Ground)
    6. Eldin Volcano
    5. Sky Keep
    4. Lanayru Sand Sea (I guess that's what they called Ancient Harbor, but i'm stuck with italian translation so i don't know for sure XD)
    3. Lanayru Mining Facility (Past)
    2. Final Battle – second part
    1. Levias Battle (Flying part)

    I'm totally in love with Levias Battle music. It is so… heavenly, yet dramatic, and while sound effects plays such as thunderclaps, strong wind and the suffering rattle of the great flying God… My god, just goosebumps all the way!

  • ???

    For me Fi's theme was the best of the game, especially the last version that you hear (I'm trying to do not spoil anything…)

  • Alex

    How could you post a Top 10 list for Skyward Sword, without mentioning the Credits score? It's the most epic thing in the entire game! :(

  • fitherobot

    what? no Fi's Lament?!? heartless. that song is the most beautiful piece of music EVER! harrumph.

    • dodongo


  • dodongo

    i lke the earth temple and old (in age) mining facility one

  • Scarpath

    Does the Ancient Cistern sound like the music of the Twilight Realm to anybody else? It doesn't sound exactly the same but similar.

  • Allan Hall

    Uh, no, best Skyward Sword music was when you were slashing Tentalus in the eye. Asides from that, it was in Eldin Volcano. Stupid fucks.

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