Top 10 Legend of Zelda Games

ChristinaDecember 3rd, 2011 by Christina

YouTube user, PeanutButterGamer has uploaded a video for Zelda month sharing his top ten Legend of Zelda games. Coming in at number ten is Twilight Princess. He says that while it is not a bad game, it’s just not great and does not live up to the standards of other Zelda titles. His two main issues with the game were it tried too hard to be dark and the world was too huge and dull. Some other games that made the list alongside Twilight Princess include Ocarina of Time, Link’s Awakening, Wind Waker, and even Skyward Sword. The question is, where did they fall on the list and what game ultimately came out on top. Make the jump to see the video and all the games that made the cut.

For the most part, I can agree with this list. I haven’t played a couple of the games he mentioned, like the Oracle games, so I really can’t say if they would make it into my top ten list or not. Also, I was initially surprised by his placement of Ocarina of Time, but at the same time it was refreshing to see someone who doesn’t say it is their favorite just because it was revolutionary.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with this list? What would you change about it? Has Skyward Sword become your favorite game? Let us know in the comments!

Source: PeanutButterGamer’s YouTube

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  • skywardswordlover

    skyward sword
    ocarina of time
    wind waker
    majoras mask
    twilight princess

    • yo mom pizza

      i totally think skyward sword is the best

  • Random

    I honestly don’t understand why people think SS was so good. imo, it was one of the worst Zelda’s made. OoT, Majoras mask, and Twilight princess are my top 3.

  • Joe

    1. Orcarina of Time/Twilight Princess
    I loved OoT when it first came out and TP was so fun I can’t choose
    2. Wind waker. Graphics were actually cool to me at the time and story line was awesome
    3. Skyward Sword. I like the game the story line Etc but I hated the trials soo much.
    4. All other Zelda’s except MM
    5. Majoras Mask. Absolutely worst zelda in my opinion because after playing with my friend you go through and get everything trade in all the masks and then your so over powered its not funny I just hated it.

    • Rhys

      Brilliant could not agree with you more MM sucks it annoys me to see it at the top of so many lists. The 4th dungeon was good but even the boss sucked. Its too short, too weird and a stupid copy and paste of the greatest game time.

      • Joe

        I just tried to replay this now and I just couldn’t it’s way too boring.

  • Anthony

    10. Spirit Tracks
    9. Zelda 2
    8. Wind Waker
    7. Majora’s Mask
    6. Zelda 1
    5. Skyward Sword
    4. Minish Cap
    3. Twilight Princess
    2. A Link To The Past
    1. Ocarina Of Time
    These are games that I have played, so I don’t have an opinion on Link’s Awakening or the oracle games.

  • Phantom

    10. twilight princess
    9. skyward sword
    8. majoras mask
    7. zelda 2
    6. minish cap
    5. zelda 1
    4. links awakening
    3. wind waker
    2. ocarina of time
    1. phantom hourglass (HOW U SAY DISSS??)
    well to be honest it was my first zelda and I think it is just amazing!
    I had so much fun playing it but sadly my original cartridge was destroyed in a fire
    so i got it on my r4 instead… and played through it.

  • michelono

    For me:

    01. Ocarina of Time (God this was impressive att and what a soundtrack!)
    02. Twilight Princess (Love the light Wii inplanations and again, what a soundtrack!)
    03. The Wind Waker (Great graphics, lovely characters)
    04. The Legend of Zelda NES (When I found the raft and the ladder I got crazy when I was about 11 years old… and how awesome was that golden cardridge!)
    05. A Link to the Past (best SNES game ever, and again… what a soundtrack!)
    06. Skyward Sword (I didn’t like the motion+ controls with the sword, not accurate enough)
    07. The Adventure of Link (boy was this game HARD, or maybe because I was just 11 years or something)
    08. Majora’s Mask (irritating time puzzles)
    09. Minish Cap (I missed good ol’ Ganon/Demise/Ganondorf)
    10. Phantom Hourglass (I missed good ol’ Ganon/Demise/Ganondorf)

  • stopreadingmyname

    For me:
    10. The legend of Zelda NES (This is a good game)
    9. Ocarina of Time (WAY TOO OVERATED)
    8. Phantom Hourglass
    7. Twilight Princess
    6. A Link to the Past (I don’t like the storyline that much, just sayin)
    5. Link’s Awakening
    4. Majora’s Mask (For me, it’s more on sidequests)
    3. Wind Waker (It’s an awesome game)
    2. Skyward Sword (Everything was awesome, made me feel like I’m a skilled sword fighter)
    1. The Minish Cap (I enjoyed this game sooooo much. My first Zelda game (suprisingly enough) and the best. Hat talks, cheerful, it’s awesome)

  • LexenVen

    honestly its too difficult to pick a “best” Zelda game because Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess and Wind Waker are all so freaking good in its own unique way that it doesn’t matter. Seriously guys… just give Miyamoto, Tezuka, and Kondo our respect for this amazing series by respecting all their games rather than fighting for favoritism.

  • Jonathan

    OCARINA OF TIME was the greatest game ever made!

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