Skyward Sword Final Boss: Defeated In One Minute

Mases HagopianDecember 5th, 2011 by Mases Hagopian

Given the title of this article, if it isn’t obvious enough, there are heavy spoilers in this post, so look away if you haven’t beaten Skyward Sword just yet. For those of you who have beaten the game already, many of you know that the final boss can be quite a challenge. During my initial playthrough I died a number of times and needed to use some potions to defeat him. In my second playthrough of the game I was able to develop a couple of strategies in which I could basically defeat him while taking minimal damage. However, even the strategies that I was using involved some patience. It seems YouTuber sirhu923 has devised his own strategy and it takes down the final boss in… just one minute! Both phases… Seriously, it’s pretty insane. Make the jump to check out the video embed.

So how long did it take you guys to take down Demise? How many deaths did you suffer? Did you need to use significant amount of bottled items? Let us know your thoughts of the battle below.

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  • mikewj93

    huh. i could never beat him that fast, but i thought demise was easy. ghirahim killed me twice in his final fight.

  • Pongopeter826

    It took me 4 deaths almost gave up I had no idea what to to do I was clueless

  • FairyFi

    I died like, THREE times fighting Demise! This is amazing…

  • catmook

    well that ruined the epicness of the battle

  • Slurps Mcgee

    I seriously thought Demise was way too easy. Once I found a pattern with him, he's done. I think they should have made it more of a challenge though.

    He takes me a couple of minutes to beat at the most (with the hylian shield) and I didn't need any potions , I had 4 hearts left :)

    But this guy is CRAAZY

  • Slurps Mcgee

    Wait, scratch that, took me at least more than 3 minutes… but that was INSANE

  • Cel-shade

    demise probably didnt see that coming…

    1 min later…

  • TheMaverickk

    I defeated Demise on my first attempt and within about 5 minutes. I figured out pretty quickly that you had to use your shield to defend and then strike quickly afterwards.

    Watching this guy is insane though. he doesn't waste a second to fit in a sword swipe and he catches ever attack of Demise on his shield. Also he's not striking wildly either, you can tell he's matching his swipes in a way that Demise can't use his sword guard.

    His accuracy shows really once you get to the second phase and see him striking away from Demise' electrified sword… impressive.

  • dylan

    I died twice while trying to face demise, once i realised i could charge my sword with lightning i killed him first time. Everytime i tried to drink a potion he ran at me and ruined it, but a guardian potion just before the battle did the trick.

  • Nintenbro64

    I have a theory regarding Ganondorf's forehead crystal. Remember the large white glowing scar on Demise's forehead? Since Ganondorf is a reincarnation of Demise's hatred, I think Ganondorf might have been born with that scar on his forehead, a birthmark. What do you guy's think?

    • Nintenbro64

      And Ganondorf conceals the birthmark with his headdress. Forgot to put that in my post.

  • DarkDeity

    Amazing… I'm not even at the part where you fight Demise! I wonder how long this
    person practiced fighting Demise?

  • NickNintendo

    I beat him in 53 seconds :D

  • Oneirologist

    I probably would have died at least once on Demise, but when I had something like four hearts left I raised my sword by accident and the lightning struck it. Demise was dead about a minute and a half later. : )

  • Shadow Mori

    I have one thing to say, O…..K……That……Hapened…….
    P.S. 1:01 :)

    Shadow Mori

  • Toasty

    Took me about 2 minutes, and I used one potion: the Guardian Potion +


  • teleperia

    I beat Demise for the first time last night – no deaths, 1 heart refill potion.  Once I figured out his patterns a bit so I could shield bash better it wasn’t to insanely tough.  2nd phase he did destroy my shield and that’s when I stumbled upon the happy discovery of charging my sword with lighting.  As soon as that happend he becase very easy.

  • ZeldaCrazy

    That was one of the easiest boss battles yet!  Incredible game. (: Couldn’t stop playing it.