Skyward Sword Ballad of the Goddess: Best Cover Ever

Mases HagopianDecember 25th, 2011 by Mases Hagopian

This needs almost no introduction, but I’ll give a brief one anyway. It is a guitar and piano cover of the Ballad of the Goddess from Skyward Sword and it is amazing. That’s all I have to say. Watch and enjoy!

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  • Link

    That was so incredible! I got tickets to the zelda symphony concert in Vancouver and if its half as good as this I'm gonna love it!

  • Tigersnake2

    Is it weird that this brings back memories of Skyward Sword already, even though I beat it only a month ago?

    Actually, it's been exactly a month since I completed Skyward Sword. Hm.

  • zeldamaster123

    Wow, this truly embraces the feel of Skyward Sword.


    Best Skyward Sword song made even better! Merry Christmas all!

  • Skywolf88

    It's not bad, but the in-game orchestrated version is still miles better. There is no comparison.

    • sikora360

      Yep, all he (the person in the video) needs now is 50+ People with all sorts of musical talents.

  • Link and Cuccos

    This is…amazing. Thanks for sharing this Mases! Merry Christmas to you and your team too! Thanks for giving us all these wonderful updates, especially during this epic year of Zelda!

  • Ash Marie

    Gorgeous…it even brought some tears to my eyes *.* A beautiful tribute to a beautiful game. It was so amazing that it's awesomeness inspires those in its proximity to become more artistically productive. It's the mark of a great work of art like SS that it can beget and instill beauty in other works of art too.

  • mysteriousLink

    O_O He's even playing with his eye's closed!
    I bow down to this guy.
    Merry Christmas everyone! :')

  • jstar

    Awesome blur effect at the end, would have been more epic without the post skyrim advertisement

  • KarlFischels

    She must be on epic goddess to have this theme….

  • Damian

    On the twelfth day of Christmas, Princess Zelda gave to me…

    Twelve glowing Force Gems
    Eleven Stray Fairies
    Ten Blue Chu Chus
    Nine Gratitude Crystals
    Eight instruments of the Sirens
    Seven kidnapped Maidens
    Six sage medallions
    Five Pieces of Heart
    Foooouuurr Swords
    Three pieces of Triforce
    Two lovely Oracles
    and a crazy, talking, green cap.

    Merry Christmas everyone! :D

    • ZeldaFan


    • DerpGoron

      Wow, that was really awesome and creative XD

    • dmz

      that was epic

  • awdom

    i cried alittle

  • DekuSprout

    Been a week since I beat Skyward Sword 100% yet It still brings back memories and makes me eager to continue with my 6 heart-no potion-no shield run(:

  • speedsk8

    that was awesome! he had better be making mp3's of his work

  • ZeldaFan

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Thanks ZeldaDungeon for all the cool update on news.

  • DerpGoron

    This is awesome! And merry Christmas everyone!

  • Thareous

    This is one amazing rendition of possibly the best song in Skyward Sword.

    Merry Christmas everybody!

  • VanitasXII

    If Trombe! OGS was combined with BotG, I believe Nintendo would make one of the best songs ever. As we all know, Trombe needs no introduction. BotG is getting close. Mix them together, and you have a really AWESOME song that is impossible to NOT like.

  • Toasty

    wow I didn't know it was Zelda's lullaby backwards!!!

  • Oracle_of_Truth

    Such a magical cover. Considering that most of these fans have been making their own musical scores for the Skyward Sword compositions, it's even more impressive. What a great xmas/Christmas/Yule gift!

  • majoramaster57

    this is an awesome cover. I love how it sounds on the guitar. Good job. MAKE MORE COVERS OF ZELDA MUSIC!!!

  • PKFlash

    Best cover ever?

    Challenge Accepted.

  • mysteriousLink

    Someone play this video in reverse!
    Imagine hearing Zelda's lullaby like this. :)

  • LoZLink

    That song was really cool! What wonders you can make with music

  • dmz

    I love this song so much

  • fused_shadows

    This is my favourite song in the zelda series. It is so epic!

  • Mrs. Link

    Wow. What a talent. This makes me want to replay Skyward Sword already.

    I might do that after I finish replaying Links Awakening.

  • Daniel

    Zelda Fans are the coolest people ever.

    • Daniel

      Btw, did anyone else watch the Skyrim cover too? It was also really good.

  • Neutopia

    Wow, that sounds really really beautiful. :D

  • Thegirlinblue

    Thats just a beautiful guitar and piano i wanna learn how to play like him :)

  • unknownman

    I got skyward sword for Christmas and… wait a moment what am i doing here. i should be playing skyward sword. SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!