Nintendo Announces Zelda Anniversary T-shirts

Mases HagopianDecember 20th, 2011 by Mases Hagopian

The 25th Anniversary celebration of the Legend of Zelda simply will not end. It started in June with Link’s Awakening for the Nintendo 3DS e-Shop. Soon after we go Ocarina of Time 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. A couple months later we got a free Four Swords Anniversary edition, followed by the beginning of the Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert. Then of course we got the release of SKyward Sword for the Nintendo Wii and most recently, The Minish Cap for Nintenod 3DS Ambassadors. When will it end? Apparently not yet, as Nintendo is now celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda with new t-shirts! Make the jump for some more information.

Originally posted over at the Nintendo of Japan website, these shirts are for sale over at The King of Games. Available in both Green and Black, these shirts are for sale at the price of 5500 yen. Based on currency exchange rates, this actually puts these shirts at a rather obnoxious $70 a piece! That being said, straight currency exchange rates are not a good way to look at prices, as the Japanese pay more for virtually all goods. Pre-orders for the shirts start on December 24th, 2011 and run through February 20th, 2012. Shirts will ship out in May 2012. Kind of a long time to wait for a t-shirt if you ask me…

No word on whether or not these shirts will ever make it outside of Japan, but based on previous shirts that have appeared on The King of Games, chances are this will remain a Japanese exclusive. I suppose it’s nice to see Nintendo releasing other goodies for the anniversary, but it would be nice if these things were available across the globe for a reasonable price.

You can head on over to the Nintendo of Japan website for more high quality pictures of these anniversary shirts.

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  • David

    I want so badly.

  • Anonymous

    Soo epic

  • MasterQuestMaster

    I need one! Anyone else see the Hylian text in the corner?

  • Vaati Reborn

    $70 dollars?! *brain gets crushed* Only in Japan?!! *heart gets crushed* Arriving in May?!!! *soul gets crushed*

    • mkd

      yeah, but it is Japan, but because its that much money, I'm not getting it.

      Now, can I have that gold numchuck NoA?

  • GoingBonkz

    I'm sticking my credit card in the wifi card reader. Why isn't a shirt coming out!?!

  • Josh

    Oh my gosh. I'm about to cry. I NEED THAT SHIRT!

  • VanitasXII

    Nintendo keeps releasing things that make my eyes explode and my debit card gasp with the lack of money with which to buy said things. Why is Nintendo so freaking awesome?!

  • Link and Cuccos

    Someone tell me where to find a bunch of Gratitude Crystals!

    I need a bigger wallet!

    • FLUDDzone

      There's a guide on this website for that you know…

      • Link and Cuccos

        I meant in real life. XD My wallet is crying from all these Zelda goodies being released.

        • TriforceHermit

          Try your local Gamestop, I pretty sure Zelda fans were crying with gratitude when they got the game there.

  • Tektite

    It's not bad, I wouldn't pay more then $30 for it though lol.

    • Andy

      Heck I'd only pay $20 for it, like a normal shirt. Perhaps Hot Topic will get this in, they always get in shirts of a different color lol

    • Nano

      You can probably find that same graphic somewhere and hotpress it onto a blank t-shirt :P



  • iLiamlolama

    I don't want….I NEED!

  • Sombody you know

    Wow… But i'm not going tp pay that kind of money for a shirt……

    • Sombody you know

      Wow, i just now say i said tp and not to… lol


    WANT! But…$70!?

  • Daniel BA

    Unless Zelda herself is sewing these shirts there is no logical reason to pay $70.00 for a simple silk screen shirt. No matter how cool the logo may be.

  • IronLuca

    It has a heart on the inside! XP

  • FLUDDzone

    It's not going to be $70… more like $50.

  • robotortoise

    5500 yen….

    What's the exchange rate, again? I only pay in Rupees!

  • Night__Owl

    Cool I'd definately wear it

  • Tombazaar

    Hmmm… that's actually one of the best Zelda t-shirt designs I've ever seen, I like it.

    …but the prize tag is definitely the worst thing ever xD

  • Linkfan112

    Shut up and take my money!

    • zombieeatflesh

      Don't you mean, "Shut up and take my rupees"?

  • zombieeatflesh

    Note to Self: Move to Japan.

  • zombieeatflesh

    Do these shirts come in a long version?

  • Thareous

    Those are epic. But wish they'd come sooner.

  • Carty

    i looked into this the other day but all the shirts are sold out anyways.. it does mention something about the t-shirts world wide though on the site.

  • TriforceHermit

    I would love one of these, but $70 is just to much, I could have $70 in rupees and get 2 sacred shields, 5 arrow quivers, and 3 adventure pouches! I hope they make these available all over the world before the end of the year.

  • http:/// awsomeMrlink

    Power, Courage and wisdom! I need the power to make more money before I can get this……

  • JamesBond007

    That's a rip-off of Wisdom, Courage, Power shirt from, only with nicer design.

  • GOROHUG!!!!!!!!!!

    I believe I posted this at some other article not too long ago, but I really wish they'd sell merchandise other than the actual games in europe.

  • MsNerrrrd

    Oh, that's like the one of the most amazing Zelda T-shirts I've ever seen!

  • Jose

    Best Zelda shirt ever… and I just got $40… but I won't spend 70 or even 50 for it. That's just a ripoff.

  • fused_shadows

    That is a pretty awesome design, but $70 in insane. Simple as that.

    • JamesBond007

      Yes, $70 per one shirt without shipping costs is insane. I bought two WCP shirts for $56,10 ($22 per one shirt, $12,10 shipping from USA to Poland).

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  • Lexi Z

    As much as I love Zelda, I would rather go to the "Make-your-own-T-Shirt" places and make my own…I might even be able to make it look cooler, at least more to my liking…being that I made it myself

  • Jose

    It has been announced for north america. It's at the Zelda 25th website.

  • harvestmoongod

    How much does it cost

  • Bateman

    It's a cool shirt but for $70 what a ripoff.

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