Hyrule Historia: Visual Timeline Map Recreated

Mases HagopianDecember 25th, 2011 by Mases Hagopian

A few days back we posted a translated grid of the Zelda Timeline from the Hyrule Historia book, courtesy of our friends over at GlitterBerri. We recently got sent a graphically enhanced version of this same timeline grid, making it closely resemble the grid that was published in the book itself. You can see the preview image to the left, but go ahead and make the jump to check out a larger version. The actual file that was sent to me was gigantic, but if you want to download it in all its 39mb glory, you can head on over to Mega Upload.

(Note, you can click the image below to see an even larger version, but the full image can be downloaded at Mega Upload)

I’m still impatiently waiting to get my hands on a copy of the Hyrule Hisoria book, which is now available in Japan. We’re also checking for any scans or translations that pop up online and we’ll surely be reporting on them as soon as we hear. Be sure to stay tuned!

Thanks to x7razorback7x for sending this in!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Alxoo7 Greg Alex German

    i would like for you to share. im a fan since i was a jkid when i first played OoT. i doubt i’ll be able to play all of them so for you to explain this to me would be a great thanks.

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  • Jake

    I always thought that Wind Waker happened as a result of the Hero not being there because he went to Termina searching for an old friend, so Gannon sunk Hyrule when no Hero opposed him.

    • Link51015

      how many people have this picture?

    • asgth th

      actually termina is a parallel dimension

  • QuesMib

    Hey, I dont know a lot of the zelda franchise but when the heo is defeated and the hero is successful, does it means that in some games the story is different at that point? And when it says the hero is defeated does it means that link didnt beat ganandorf or what?

    • Sand

      Since we’re dealing with time travel, you should consider there are parallel worlds. Each time link makes a choice, a new parallel world is created. This theory would explain this timeline.

  • Essbo

    For me it makes absolutley more sense then any other of the timelines…
    Did you noticed that the Link from the “defeated timeline” got another hair color?
    And that anything could have happend while link was 7 years asleep?
    But my opinion is that the “defeated” timeline happens while he was asleep so there is o hero and hyrule is defeated.

    But after Link was sent to the past he takes direct impact to the story.
    So everything what has happend in this 7 years can be defeated.

    Now to the second and the third timeline…
    When Link was on his way to the parrallel universe Ganondorf was revived and floodet Hyrule.
    That explains why Link wasnt there.. After Majoras Mask he leaves the parallel Universe.
    And everything happens in then.

    so now the third timeline…

    Link was never in the parrallel universe. No one knows what has happend in this time he might be just lost (in the woods)

    And everything happens how it should happen in the third timeline.

    Just my opinon there might be some logical mistakes but i see it this way , nut if you find some mistakes write them to me ! Could be interesting!

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  • Sorasoul

    im reading that some people have problems to understand why hyrule was flooted and formed the overworld of windwaker when the adult link wins and seals ganon ….. its pretty simple . After adult link seals ganon the world is all happy till link became an old geezer and dies . yeahrs after his death ganon is back and it is NOT said that a new incarnation of our hero will be born when ganon is back …. so ganon is back but our a reincarnation of our hero wasnt born at that moment to defeat him . then hyrule was flooted (dont remember clearly why … not played wind waker for ages) and that brings us to wind waker

    • Zelda Fan

      In The Windwaker, it is explained that when the hero wasn’t born yet, the people of hyrule asked the gods for help, the god helped by pouring heavy rain down on Hyrule to seal Ganondorf but in effect it hid Hyrule underwater.