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KnowleeDecember 1st, 2011 by Knowlee

The Zelda Symphony that was set for January 10, 2012 at 7:30 pm in Dallas, TX has been reported as ‘Sold Out’ by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s website. This is really unsurprising since Dallas is a large city and it’s natural to think that there are a lot of Zelda fans living there.

Please take the jump to see a quote describing the concert and my thoughts.

From the Producers of “The Legend of Zelda™ 25th Anniversary Symphony”, “PLAY! A Video Game Symphony” and “Dear Friends: Music from Final Fantasy” comes an all new world tour! The Legend of Zelda™ in concert has arrived. Jason Michael Paul Productions, Inc. and Nintendo proudly present “The Legend of Zelda™: Symphony of the Goddesses”, a concert event that will take audiences of all ages on a thrilling orchestral adventure through one of the video game industry’s most beloved franchises.

Conducted by Eímear Noone, “The Legend of Zelda™: Symphony of the Goddesses” is the first ever video game themed concert to feature a complete 4-movement symphony, showcasing the enduring and ever-adored work of Nintendo composer and sound director Koji Kondo and his dedicated music team. Brought to life as never before, witness as 25 years of video game history unfolds complete with a gorgeous and cinematic video presentation, synced to picture with the game’s sensational, thematic and action-packed music played live by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

To see the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s webpage on this, please click here.

Like I said before it’s really unsurprising that this has happened and I believe that we will continue to see this happening as the symphony takes place in other areas. I’m hoping that one of those areas is near where I live because I would really like to attend one of these concerts and I know that I would enjoy it greatly.

Source: Dallas Symphony Orchestra

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  • Sandman

    thats Zelda for ya

    -teh Xbox(No.4)

    • Sandman

      btw i meant being able to sell out
      i mean a great task for a videogame based symphony

  • Beedle

    This doesn't suprise me, there are zelda fans everywhere and the music is just amazing.

  • Zeldamaster124



    That was quick.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Thareous Thareous

    NO! I was going to pay to see that! Now I can only hope that my family acquired some tickets as a Christmas gift. >.<

  • Darkburd

    I got my ticket for that :D

  • SilentDream

    if i had money and a ride, i couldve went. it was my only oppurtunity too TT_TT

  • http:///http://www.zeldadungeon.net/ awsomeMrlink

    Of course! In 1 month and 9 days it starts so it sells out 1 month and 9 days before that!

  • fused_shadows

    No surpirse.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jasonwhitener Jason Whitener

    This is very surprising to me and upsetting. I tried to get tickets like 2 weeks ago which is way before the concert and couldn't get anything. Looks like a bunch of people bought a bunch of tickets just to double the price and sell them to others.

  • PikaLink

    This is old news. Its been sold out for almost a week…that I know of at least. I know :(

  • http://www.zeldadungeon.net/ xixor35

    Sweet…not bragging but I AM GOING TO THAT! OH YEAH, BE JEALOUS!

  • I_am_Error

    Crap, I even live in the DFW area…

    My parents probably wouldn't let me go anyway. Oh, well. Time to listen to the 25th Anniversary soundtrack from SS!! :)

  • Garlador

    It's been sold out for DAYS. I checked almost a week ago and was discouraged that they were all sold out (I LIVE in Dallas). Really bummed. Craigslist was selling a pair of tickets for over $400…. yeesh.

  • Tektite

    I'm not very surprised either, I really hope that they play a couple of dates in Canada, that would make me very happy, I would go if they played a date near me.

  • fitherobot

    i just hope they haven't sold out of charlotte tickets, if they're even playing there.