Smosh: Legend of Zelda Rap Music Video

Mases HagopianNovember 18th, 2011 by Mases Hagopian

The YouTube account Smosh, which has over 3,000,000 subscribers and is the 3rd most subscribed channel on Youtube, recently made a Legend of Zelda Rap Music Video. The lyrics of the song are a bit vulgar, so it certainly isn’t for all audiences. The song doesn’t necessarily follow any of the games in particular, but it seems heavily influenced by Ocarina of Time. It has several of the main cast members such as Ganondorf, Princess Zelda, Link, and Navi. Heck, there is even a Tingle appearance. Anyway, you can make the jump to check out the video embed.

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  • Acetyl Säure

    It's a parody but their costumes still look way better than most other cosplays XD
    I love it's really well done haha
    They do great Pokémonstuff too ;D

  • Luca Manga Blasi

    I live in ARGENTINA!

  • HylianHero

    A little vulgar? More like WAY vulgar.

    • zombieeatflesh

      It's Smosh, what do you expect?

  • Link

    Gotta love smosh

  • N..

    My kidney I got from a transplant exploded.

  • ZeldaNerd

    LAWL! i love smosh

  • Darknightstand

    HAHAHA, I always knew they loved zelda and i could tell they would make a zelda parody one day because of all their nintendo parodies

  • NLH

    Amazing video! Could tell they got inspiration from Epic Rap Battles of History!

  • ninetales66

    I used to like smosh, now i LOVE smosh.

  • rigby

    the only rap i like

  • badmuffins

    It was good, but nothing can beat the LoZ commercial rap.

  • Wahid Khan

    This video is so funny. Now this my favorite Smosh video!

  • Link

    hahaha Smosh rocks!

  • Blast Mask

    Smosh = win

  • no comment

    Wait… if Zelda would go to Gannon's castle by choice the why is she chained up? And give me my heart container!

  • Tektite

    LOL, that actually made me want to click it aha. xD
    It was alright.

  • Brzy247

    i love this song! for me its like the 30th time i have been watching this.

  • GaroMaster

    I just saw this on the Smosh homepage and considered telling ZD about it. That has already been done…

  • GaroMaster

    The Moon from MM is in the sky at 0:47.

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