Skyward Sword: Hero Mode

Mases HagopianNovember 9th, 2011 by Mases Hagopian

Back in September at the Nintendo 3DS Conferience in Japan Shigeru Miyamoto hinted at a second quest of sorts. However, after getting further translations of that conference, it seemed unclear what he actually was referring to. We never really got full confirmation that there was a second quest at all, but from a recent post over at NeoGAF, we might just have this. The poster refers to the new feature as the Hero Mode and it contains many of the same aspects as the Master Quest from Ocarina of Time. While we cannot 100% confirm the authenticity of this, we can give you the details. Make the jump to see what the Hero Mode entails.

  • Enemies do double damage
  • There are no heart drops or heart flowers (unless you have a particular medal equipped which gives you a very small chance of getting a heart drop)
  • The Sheikah Stone gives you all the hint clips from the beginning
  • A bunch of NPCs acknowledge the fact that you’re playing in Hero Mode and let you skip certain tutorials/explanations

Nothing seems too out of the ordinary here and it surely sounds like is reasonable. If any new information breaks on this mode, we’ll be sure to bring it to you.

Source: NeoGAF

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  • Tektite

    I really really hope that there is a Hero's Mode in this game, that would be so awesome. :D

  • Doug Accosta

    Hi and a large number of thanks for that comment you even now left on my blog, i’ve also bookmarked your online internet site and may return as i uncovered the details inside of your online page much like a pretty good supply to my pretty own pup regards Eddie

  • Nobody

    Hero mode is confirmed fyi. There's even codes for it already so your current save will be a hero mode save.

  • Link
    • Link

      Yes for hero mode

  • MLink96

    I entered Hero's mode today, and everything I had got deleted,, I feel so stupid,, I hate my life,, I wanna die.. :((

  • Kcman

    Most of the time im beast at zelda, i copied my file before i started hero mode, and OH MY GOSH!!! i faced the first 2 deku babas in the sealed grounds and almost died! I was like holy crap man! and no heart drops? WOW. people who beat hero mode on this should get a medal.

  • DuK

    I am manning up to take on the Hero Mode Challenge! Find me a heart token and use the crap out of it! >:D

  • Rukario

    Yeaaaaaaaah, Hero Mode is going to whip my ass. I'm going to finish some other games first before getting angry.

    @Kcman, Why didn't you read the instructions in the game "All of your data of this save file will be erased."
    You could have also looked up details online and read that you should make a copy of your original data.

  • Zelda-Fan

    Epicness of Skyward Sword HERO MODE:

    Skyward Sword normal mode has a whole heart of damage, where old zelda games was a half, this means that, when at 20 hearts in SS, you only have 10 technically as far as damage comparison is concerned…

    add HERO MODE into this and what do you get?

    A zelda game where 5 hearts is the technical max…damn…

  • Mr. Shiekah

    sigh… I'm getting this game for Christmas, and as far as Hero Mode goes, some websites say that the enemies' health is doubled, so that's gonna stack the odds against you even more than the double damage… and Zelda-Fan, in normal mode you don't only have 10 heart max, you have 20. One heart of damage equals one heart, not two. So you would have a 10 heart max in Hero Mode. in the old ones you would basically have 40 normal hits, like from a Deku Baba or a Deku Scrub.I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL DECEMBER 25, I MUST HAVE THIS GAME NOW.

  • Mr. Shiekah

    Master, I detect an 85% probability that you will be getting this game for Christmas.

  • Drock

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha Mr. Sheikah you just made my night

  • master link

    this game so rocks hero mode is hard but so much more fun

  • Adriana

    Hero mode is not too bad, the game is much more interesting though

  • origanal hero

    there is nothing different about hero mode so far, im at the lanayru gorge fighting through the bosses for the hylian shield and i cant seem to get any further, its that damn imprisoned stage 3 and his damn feet stamping around like a fairy elephant lol. not to mention that all the bosses are unlocked during hero mode encluding demise. my main problem is that i only managed to do it on normal mode because hearts could be found on most stages but this time there are none. there is no point in thinking you can use the heart medalion because it doesnt work . lanayru doesnt let you take your pouch so thats no potionsor fairies, the only thing you can take is your current sword and shield and the right equipment if required for certain bosses.. so we are on our own lol. if anyone completes this stage on hero mode then be sure to reply to this comment for tips on defeating the imprisoned stage 3 without takin a scratch of damage, thank you

    • Lizzy

      just drink a gardian potion first and pick the imprisoned stage 3 first. …worked for me…

  • Lizzy

    You can drink a few potions before you start the boss lightning rounds and they will last longer thatn usual… … oh and i hate the imprisoned….

  • Andy LOZ fan crazy

    Its not as good as it sounds it sucks half the time the only difference is lack of healing on field which is fun but the enemy is no smarter that they were in normal play its not worth your time

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  • Jjohn


  • Owenhernybro

    ehat do you do to avoid deleting  your character and still do hero mode?

  • Owenhernybro


  • Owenhernybro

    can i say no to hero mode?

  • DemonLordGhirahim

    what game should i get OoT or MM?!

    • Mmartillo75

      ocarina. Its slightly less rewarding but it contributes to the plot of the Hero and The Goddess. 

  • Jt4spurs

    you do not have to cut off his toes you can take the steam jets to the level above him and  jump on his head at that point target the spike and drive it in he will try to throw u off sometimes but it works more often than not… and also you cant go into your pouch when trying to get the hylian shield but if you equip your potion medal in your pouch and take the upgraded invincibility potion right before you talk to the thunder dragon you cant take any damage for 9 minutes and it carries over from battle to battle i made it thru the first 6 bosses before it wore off

    • Heather M

      Yea but if you are in the 2nd or 3rd time he will knock u off i learned the hard way…

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  • Drawthisforachange

    I noticed that monsters don’t respawn normally, I would go out of a room in a dungeon and then go back in and all of the monsters would still be gone. Such as in the first temple in the Deep Forest the spiders on the vines and the giant ones in the web didn’t respawn…feel free to add this to your list of changes or tell me if it’s just my game. ^^’

  • Drawthisforachange

    Well maybe if you stand back and use your bow and arrow to shoot his toes?
    But this would take an extreme amount of arrows and a lot of time so I’m not sure if it would work…

  • Sfu Madrid

    I scanned through and didn’t see anything about this so i’ll post it. The bugs you caught from playing normal mode carry over to hero mode. I’ve only just got the Goddess Sword and unlocked the forest so that’s as far as I have gotten so far. It’s just so hard to get time to play when my kids are constantly on it haha.


    its well hard i do`nt know why they hav`nt got any hearts and you lose two my worst boss is…

  • corban

    hero mode is so hard i have completed the sandship but the boss is hard .ps
    i can not believe that ive nearly completed it

  • Erica

    Hi there! I’m in hero mode and have completed all the silent realms, have all the sacred gifts and am trying to use the Mogma Mitts to burrow! But I can’t! I’ve tried getting piece of heard #22 (in front of the sacred butterflies/Sheikh stone in the Volcano Summit outside the Fire Sanctuary) and it just shows me a black hole in the ground after I dig. Same with the Goddess Chest containing the bottle to the southwest of the Isle of Songs. It gives me the option to “dig” but not “burrow”. Do I need to complete something else to be able “burrow”? Thanks!

  • engii

    u need to wait for groose to stun him with the bombs and be patient and skillles, zig zag zaway from his steps and time them right, WAIT FOR GROOSE he will help u, but if u take too long throwing those bombs, he will get up there so be quick, and just keep at it, ull kill that fuckin asshole imprisoned piece of shit!!!!

  • Erica

    Nevermind! I remembered that the “Digging Mitts” don’t allow you to burrow but the “Mogma Mitts” do! I forgot they were two separate items.

  • AnastasiaCarrin

    I don’t know why people keep saying hero mode is so hard. You get to keep all your bugs and stuff from your original play allowing you to upgrade all your items super early on (however I’m a scavenger and had A LOT of stuff left over, so maybe that’s just me). I had all my items upgraded before i even got to Eldin volcano. That made things really easy (especially when it came to the bomb bag. i had it upgraded to carry 20 bombs so during the volcano boss i didn’t have to worry about running out). Yes, the more damage and less hearts thing is a bit of an issue at the beginning, and I did die more often, but when you do have to continue it places you right back at the point that you died without losing any progress. Either way, there’s always chairs to sit on. Also, during the Lanayru Desert, one of the goddess cubes releases the chest in the sky that holds the…HEART MEDAL!!! I had to laugh at this b/c, above it says you may have a very small chance of getting hearts if you have this medal in hero mode, so i was like “hey every little bit helps”. However, its not a small chance, its a HUGE chance. as soon as i equipped it, hearts started popping up everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE!! It’s crazy. Anyways, I thought i would share. Get more items and lots of money and upgrade all your stuff from the start and you shouldn’t have much trouble. I’ll also add, I LOVE THIS GAME!!! ^_^

  • Storm5442

    i beat the imprisoned first time by riding the air vent closest to me then shooting it with the groosenator (sorry if i spelled it wrong) and jumping onto its head and whacking the sealing spike down then jump to the bottom of the pit while the groosenator recharges and shoot and whack again then just run like mad i’m not saying you won’t get ANY damage but i hardly took any doing it this way hope this helped

  • LinkHyrulian

    i just got on hero mode and im in the faron woods temple and its not that hard, the only thing im really worried about is that boss koloktis or something in the ancient cistern