Ocarina of Time Wii U – Give Remakes a Rest

Mases HagopianAugust 22nd, 2011 by Mases Hagopian

The folks over at Cubed3 have recently written an article talking about the recent craze over Nintendo remakes. Ocarina of Time 3D is the biggest game out for the Nintendo 3DS right now and it is a remake. On the horizon, the next big title in September from Nintendo is Starfox 64 3D, another remake. The Zelda community has especially been flattered with speculation of remakes. Operational Moonfall is a fan effort to get Majora’s Mask remade, while Shigeru Miyamoto himself wants to remake A Link to the Past. It’s not just Miyamoto either, as Zelda staffer and Super Mario Galaxy 2 director Yoshiaki Koizumi has expressed his desires on remaking Mario and Zelda games. Coming back to Ocarina of Time 3D, here is what Cubed3 had to say about the most recent Nintendo remake.

One of my other gripes about remakes is that some aren’t made with appropriate technology, or appropriate systems, in mind. For example, going back to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, I feel it would have been even more impressive to see Nintendo remake it on Wii U instead. Not only would it benefit from the power the system offers, but being able to play it on a large screen in HD, with better speakers and a comfortable controller to hold – as was originally intended, as a home console title – would have been nice. In fact, with the controller’s touch-screen, they could have even made the inventory swapping more convenient, just like they did on the 3DS version – even the gyroscope usage would have transferred over well.

This always seems to be the issue with remakes. How much do you want to actually change from the game and how much do you want to preserve. Often times when you tell somebody a video game or a movie is being remade, you get one of two reactions. One reaction is a positive one since fans are stoked about seeing what upgrades can be made to the original. The opposite reaction is negative as there is a belief that a remake of any kind will ruin the original.

When I was telling some personal friends that Ocarina of Time was going to be remade for the Nintendo 3DS, I got some mixed reactions. One of my friends felt that the experience would be ruined since they were going to change the game to play like a portable title, as opposed to a console title, which would cause it to loose some of its mystique. When talking with people about Ocarina of Time 3D, I always get asked the generic question of how is the remake, and I’ve always answered that it is amazing. The first thing out of my mouth isn’t about the boss gauntlet mode, the visions, the graphics, the 3d effect, or the master quest mode. Instead, the first thing I say to describe the remake is that Nintendo did a good job preserving what Ocarina of Time originally was.

Suppose Nintendo went another route and made Ocarina of Time Wii U, as the author of this article suggested. I think the game could have translated well to the Wii U because of the new controller. I’m not really sure it would be necessary though. I think one of the greatest features of Ocarina of Time 3D is that it preserves the game on a portable. You can take your adventure anywhere you’d like. Unlike the author of the article, I didn’t get the sense when playing the game that Ocarina of Time 3D was ‘supposed’ to be played on a home console, but rather, I think it translated very well to the handheld. Sure the 1080p graphics would be nice to see… but I’m not sold that this would be a good option.

What do you think about Ocarina of Time Wii U? Would you have rather seen a high-graphic remake of Ocarina of Time on a home console? Were you happy with the 3DS remake? Is the Zelda remake craze just a phase that will pass? Let us know by posting in the comments below.

Source: Cubed3

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  • Jean_ag

    I would absolutely love to see it release for the wii u in hd with better sound and image quality. That is one game I would buy without thinking it twice. I have my fingers crossed on that remake. I normally hate remakes but this game is the best game I have ever played hands down my absolute favorite. I will only buy the wii u for a good zelda game. I don’t really care for any other nintendo games…

  • jappie_zelda

    they should definitely remake zelda:ocarina of time. But they should remake ocarina of time with the graphics of skyward sword and twilight princess. That makes ocarina of time even a more powerfull and beautiful game.

  • Marc86au

    I’d love to see a remake of the classic N64 games on the Wii U. N64 is my favourite console by far but the graphics are too dated to enjoy properly on a modern TV. If they remade OOT in 1080p, identical to the original in every way except for updated graphics it would be an instant hit. Same goes for Mario 64, Diddy Kong Racing, Smash Brothers and many others.

    Surely I’m not the only one who appreciated the simplicity of these older games but gets frustrated by the outdated graphics? These days to make a game popular they just go crazy with the graphics and people buy it just because it looks good. I miss the days when the games had to rely on creativity and have a great storyline to sell.

  • Drew

    Yea there should deff be a remade version of Ocarina of Time for Wii with better graphics and change it to M rated so u can chop the little Korkia peoples heads off and put arrows through enemies skulls lol. O yea and also it would be cool to bring like a Fable element to it to where u can do good or bad deeds and your appearance changes based on your decisions.. i think it would awesome to play ocarina as dark link.. just a thought lol

    • Ophu

      Ok… Moving on.

  • darrylv23

    I first played this game wheni was about 6 im 18 now iblove Zelda games and would die just two see this game be remade for the Wii. Thats the whole reason I bougj this system hoping to see a remake and I belieave that the Wii would sell more thn any system out on the markets today. So let’s stay a fan page on Facebook and protest that they should remake it and I very it sell out all over the world better than any game ever sold. Even ff7

  • memyselfandi

    I would like to see the full version or the never released Ura Zelda in wii u graphics. NOT Master Quest, the actual full version of the game in its entirety. I think it was supposed to be a mudh more complete version of OOT. It had more features, more landscapes, etc. I even remember seeing a screen cap years ago of Lake Hylia with a dock and of an additional temple but haven’t been able to find it again since.

  • AceTripleX

    If they put Ocarina of Time on the Wii U I will definitely get the system…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MVJJD73ZD2AUHF3BLRLEYGDTSE yahoo-MVJJD73ZD2AUHF3BLRLEYGDTSE

    They can take the completed 3DS version of Ocarina of Time, enhance it even more, and throw it on Wii U. It would be a great marketing strategy and fans would eat it up, including me.

  • Damog

    Honestly, I think that it would be f*****n’ awesome to see a Wii U remake of A Link To The Past. All 3D. Everything the same as then. But everything new!

  • srmg

    I agree with the idea of This particular game being re-released with better textures and sounds. It is a classics in my mind and have it brought up to date on graphics would be a Win in my book! I love playing this game over and over again~!

  • juan

    I would love a new rich verison for wii

  • Mikey Helmick

    I would Love It

  • John

    Remake all of em just like wind waker

  • Buck Rodgers

    Yes remake them all on the wiiU. Give us a reason to by the WiiU. And also remake all the Metroids.

  • SaintClare

    I have never played handhelds since their not my style, but I would like to see an updated version of Ocarina for Wii U. Perhaps the Master Quest. I never got to play that.

  • brayan_animal

    I would love to see ocarina of time 100% remaked all the same but with twilight princess graphics now that ! Would be the game of the century

  • mark-au

    I’d love to see a remake of OOT and Mario 64 on Wii U – same storyline but with new generation graphics. I’ve owned every Nintendo home console except the U – I just don’t see any games that appeal to me. An opportunity to replay my favourite games in HD would see me buying one today!

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  • Ruben

    Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart Double Dash, Star Wars Rouge Leader/ Rebel Strike and OFCOURSE: Twilight Princess in 1080! Bring these out and I’ll sell my girlfriend for a WiiU

  • ShyHighEmoGuy

    I’d like to see The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask remastered on the Wii U, like Wind Waker was.

    Nintendo already has portable Zelda titles on the DS, 3DS and 2DS. Those Zelda titles are Four Swords/Adventures, A Link Between Worlds, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, etc…

    Ocarina is a special case. Ocarina was developed as a console game meant for console gamers. It plays like a console game, it’s meant to be played for hours on end (Although not too long, take care of your health, guys). Handheld titles are bite size games meant to be played for minutes on end, maybe up to a half-hour. Bringing a console game to a handheld system just doesn’t gel. You force yourself to play for longer than you actually would on a handheld, and thats not good. I’d never want to say to myself, “This dungeon is taking far too long to complete, I’m bored now.” Aside from that, it’s a disservice to treat Ocarina of Time to anything less than the best you can give it. I highly doubt the 3DS is the best in that regard.

    Treating Ocarina of Time poorly is the WORST thing that could possibly happen. I have no qualms about Ocarina of Time being on the 3DS, they did a good job with it, but bring it back to consoles, where it’s at home.

    It wouldn’t be that difficult either, the Wii U is really just a more powerful 3DS minus the “3D” effect. I know nothing about game programming so I have no right to speak, but how hard could it be to, literally, port the 3DS version to the Wii U with slightly prettier graphics for a 1080p console? Like the OP said, all the features could make the transition. The only thing that would need to happen is update the graphics slightly more to be comparable for the 1080p capable system.

    A slight touch-up to the graphics, throw it on the Wii U, done. Leave it on the 3DS, bring a console version to the Wii U.